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Veritas is a MapleStory Europe Guild based on the Kradia server.
Here you can find out what differentiate us from others, what our Union & guilds is about and what type of players we're interested in.

Our passion for what we do continues to grow each and everyday, we love to break new grounds with each adventure we embark on.
We aim to maintain a strong sense of community and teamwork within our guild and to provide an environment for all to enjoy their gaming experience within.

Whether you're here for music and/or general discussions or simply interested in our guild, there's something for everyone.

Please enjoy your stay and we hope to see you again, click one of the shortcuts at the TOP to choose your destination.

Thank you for visiting our website...

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Boss Hunting on Standby!

DexlessDK, Nov 20, 11 3:55 PM.
We will now prepare for Papulatus runs!

Which means, you have to do the papu Q in Ludi!

Happy Mapling!

---------- DKP Guidelines ----------

DexlessDK, Nov 16, 11 4:54 PM.
To Veritas Members!

DKP System is now posted at the forum!

Take your time to read it!

Off Topic & forum

DexlessDK, Nov 16, 11 2:32 PM.
Hello, Use the Off Topic for random stuff!

Happy mapling


Maplestory GMS Legends!

DexlessDK, Nov 14, 11 3:47 PM.

Welcome to Veritas! Enjoy the beginning of a big project!

DexlessDK, Apr 12, 11 4:44 PM.
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